Teeth whitening: important information

Advertising promises us that the owner of pearly teeth capable to conquer the man of her dreams only one smile. If the knight on the white horse is very, very necessary, of course, is to try all methods of feminine charm. However, independent attempts of teeth whitening the price is high for beauty, it can cause your smile have to forget and experienced dentists are advised to opt for professional cleaning, and not on the procedure of chemical bleaching.


teeth whitening

Most often with a request to whiten teeth in a dental clinic by women 25-40 years. Dentists do not recommend the teeth whitening procedure girls at the age of 18-20 years. This is especially important to explain to the students that came under the influence of advertising and the dream of white teeth.

What determines the color of the teeth?

Strangely enough, the color of the teeth depends largely on the nationality. The people of Russia, the teeth most often not white but yellowish. And, for example, the Americans are grey (by the way, gray teeth harder to whiten than yellow). Also the color of the teeth depends on what you eat and what kind of lifestyle leads people — enamel undergoes changes under the influence of coffee, cigarettes, food coloring.

Not beauty and hygiene

Even if the fact that a person thoroughly clean teeth morning and evening, for at least three minutes every six months, dentists recommend professional dental cleaning. It allows to remove tooth deposits, which are impossible to clean yourself. It can be soft raids and dental stones. Professional teeth cleaning is a hygienic procedure. It is not whiten teeth, the cost of this procedure is the natural color. If it is yellowish, and the woman wants to have white teeth, after cleaning, it can offer an additional treatment of teeth with chemicals.

Toothpastes, gels, chewing gum

Constantly use whitening toothpastes and gels the doctors are not recommended because they improve teeth sensitivity — hot and cold starts cause a sharp tooth pain. Chewing gum like whitening solution that dentists do not perceive seriously. There are kits for home teeth whitening. Chemical substances included in the set is contained in a low concentration, is not able to efficiently whiten your teeth. But this dose of concentrate is enough to disrupt the microflora of the mouth.


Like any medical procedures, to teeth whitening, of course, there are contraindications. First of all, you can whiten your teeth for pregnant and lactating women. Whitening is contraindicated and if the patient has many carious teeth. Also, this procedure is not recommended when a large number of seals after the bleaching the contrast between the teeth and the fillings will be very noticeable and have to cure all teeth. Doing so is not always wise, since the change of seals gradually destroys the teeth, so fillings are usually replaced only medical and not a cosmetic need.

Some patients insist on "tile" the color of the teeth. If the dental clinic is a beautician, he will explain what are these unnatural teeth and is teeth whitening — the price goes up. Much more attractive and attractive will look with a healthy smile, a little white, but most importantly clean, without stones and plaque teeth.