Teeth whitening in dentistry: 5 ways professional cleaning of the enamel

In dentistry as a teeth whitener? What modern techniques are used by experts? Why you should go to the doctors, if you want to restore the whiteness of your smile? Features and benefits of modern methods.

When it comes to professional teeth whitening, reviews online and among friends can be very different. Someone was satisfied with the procedure, and the other called her spending money. Why are there such different views concerning, at first glance, such a clear question? There are several reasons.

Why results may vary?

teeth whitening in dentistry
  • The degree of contamination of the teeth and causes it entailed. One patient enough to remove yellow plaque from the enamel to his smile began to Shine white. And the other teeth covers black plaque, deeply embedded in the fabric. And to achieve instant lighting, even when using the techniques of professional teeth whitening is extremely difficult. Often requires multiple treatments.
  • Ways of tooth whitening dentistry are different. Some allow to deal only with the external coating, and others are able to remove the pigmentation deep in the tissues. Typically, the first methods are cheaper, which draws the attention of the patients. The latter is more expensive because of what to use them not everyone can, but they are much more efficient.
  • Individual peculiarities. Before the procedures, the expert always performs diagnosis, determining the degree of deterioration of the enamel. This allows to predict, how likely is the development of its sensitivity after whitening. If the enamel is strong, teeth whitening at the dentist will leave only the most positive memories. If it is covered with cracks and splits, even after the most invasive procedures you will experience the uncomfortable and painful feeling for a couple of weeks.

Professional ways

What are the types of teeth whitening in dentistry? To date, there are 5 effective and safe methods.

  1. Air-Flow. Hardware technique of removing the outer plaque, which allows you to lighten the enamel by 1-3 tones. Acknowledges rather a hygiene procedure that should be held twice a year. When it is executed the doctor directs to the teeth a powerful stream of water and air, mixed with soda, which literally blows the enamel all the impurities, including the beginnings of stone, a film of cigarette tar. This teeth whitening procedure eliminates damage to the enamel, and is safe and gentle.
  2. The ultrasonic cleaning. Used for bleaching as such, and for removing deposits of plaque and Tartar. To give enamel white is combined with the technique of Air-Flow. Regular ultrasonic cleaning allows you to eliminate all kinds of dirt, to maintain your teeth healthy.
  3. Chemical professional teeth whitening. The species vary from different manufacturers, but the technique is almost identical. The doctor performs the cleaning of the teeth, and then provides them with a whitening composition with a high content of hydrogen peroxide (carbamide). After some time the composition is removed and the teeth are processed by the tool with the effect of mineralization. The result is a clarification of 5-7 colours. This technique is the least safe teeth whitening in dentistry, as it often causes the development sensitivity. But when you run a procedure from an experienced doctor, you can be sure its gentle impact.
  4. Hardware methods of teeth whitening. In dentistry today, used photo dealbatio system ZOOM. It provides whitening 8-10 shades in one treatment. Recognized more gentle than chemical, because it uses a gel with a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide. But thanks to the influence of ultraviolet light, it acts effectively. The procedure does not cause discomfort after the teeth are treated amorphous composition of the calcium that strengthens the enamel. Most popular in-office teeth whitening. The reviews attest to its affordable cost and effectiveness.
  5. Laser whitening is the most expensive of teeth whitening in dentistry and effective. No negative impact on the enamel, what's more, strengthens it by 40% under the action of a laser beam. The minimum exposure time of the gel with carbamide peroxide (2 minutes) eliminate the destruction of the enamel. Our lighting can be seen immediately and up to 12 colours.


laser whitening

Professional teeth whitening methods demonstrate the effectiveness and lasting effect. After mechanical cleaning, Air-Flow the result is stored at least for 1 year. Laser and technique guarantees the whitening of the enamel for 7-10 years with proper care. Other benefits office whitening:

  • professional medical examination if you decide to whiten your teeth at home, you can't be sure that they are completely healthy, and the means chosen will not damage the enamel. In the dental office, the doctor will diagnose and will provide you with the optimal technique;
  • quick result teeth whitening in dentistry - reviews confirm the clarification of the enamel after the first treatment. While at home, be sure to implement the recommendations of the manufacturer 10-30 days;
  • the visible effect no one home remedy will not provide you whiten teeth 10 shades, and the professional can.

These advantages will be obvious, but if you go to an experienced specialist. It is therefore essential to choose a dental clinic with a perfect reputation and positive feedback.