Ultrasonic teeth cleaning Air Flow

Modern life is so rapid and fast that sometimes not even enough time to give adequate time to conduct quality oral care. Do you know what negative consequences it brings? Initially accumulates in the region hard to reach places plaque, then formed a stone on the teeth, which causes damage to the tooth enamel – tooth decay, inflammation of soft tissues and so on.

That is why every developed innovative methods of cleaning the oral cavity, and one of the best and most affordable ways is ultrasonic teeth cleaning.

The device for cleaning teeth

What is Air Flow

Air Flow, and teeth cleaning with ultrasound is a professional hygienic procedure. The main indication for its implementation is the presence of a soft pigmented plaque. Ultrasonic dental cleaning is one of the varieties of professional cleaning, which preserves the health of Your teeth and the whole organism. If You causes discomfort, bleeding gums, discomfort in your mouth or bad breath, it is safe to say about existing Tartar in your mouth. According to dentists, each person must annually undergo a procedure to remove Tartar from teeth.

As practice shows, the calculus appears in those places where a toothbrush can't clean the plaque, in this case, comes to the aid of ultrasonic cleaning. The distinctive features of ultrasonic teeth cleaning is that the procedure is painless, does not damage tooth enamel, since it does not involves mechanical impact and has high efficiency. Tartar removal is done quickly and efficiently. On the basis of clinical observations, we can conclude that the calculus is often the cause of dental caries, and so many other diseases of the teeth.

Air Flow: mechanism of action

During the procedure, the surface of the teeth under high pressure mixture of water, air and bicarbonate sodium (baking soda). Solid particles have a spherical shape. Due to this cleaning has no abrasive effect, and polishes. Air Flow allows you to clean not only the front surface of the teeth, but hard-to-reach areas, interdental spaces. The presence in the oral cavity veneers, Lumineers, crowns is not an obstacle for the procedure. These designs are also easy to clean by using Air Flow.

Brushing your teeth

Recommendations before, during and after the procedure

Before performing a professional teeth cleaning is necessary to eliminate all inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. Be sure to cure tooth decay and gum disease. Immediately before the procedure on the patient's lips to apply vaseline that will prevent dryness of the surface. In the mouth the saliva ejector is placed. The nozzle apparatus is placed 3-5 mm from the tooth at an angle of 30-60 degrees. Circular motions dentist cleans the teeth, avoiding exposure of the surrounding soft tissue. The waste mixture is collected using dental cleaner. The whole procedure of cleaning the Air Flow takes about 30 minutes. After cleaning should be within a few hours it is necessary to refrain from eating staining foods. Natural organic film covering the tooth is removed during the procedure that makes teeth more susceptible to the effects of various pigments.

Cleaning the oral cavity by ultrasound in the clinic involves several steps: processing of root channels, removal of plaque and Tartar, even in the most remote places, the lavage of the oral cavity and polishing of the tooth enamel. Many experts believe that in order to achieve a positive effect of the implementation of any manipulation in the mouth, it is advisable to start with ultrasonic cleaning. As practice shows, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, the cost of which differs from each feature and the amount of work, effective procedure.

On the recommendations of dentists, it is good to combine ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth with the home method of using the apparatus for removing plaque air flow. Air flow – ultrasonic toothbrush at home. The latest method of air flow is jet method cleaning of the teeth and oral cavity alkaline solution, the strong pressure of the solution washes even the most inaccessible places and remove the stones from the teeth in the home. It should be noted that the air flow is also used as a cleansing of the tooth enamel and oral cavity and dentists in health institutions. This method is proven as effective and affordable as personal hygiene products. And hygiene of the tooth cavity needs to be observed since childhood, because effective hygiene – the guarantee of health!

The advantages of the method Air Flow

  1. Light skin whitening. The procedure has not only cleans, but also whitening effect. Plaque removal and of pigmentation allows you to restore enamel natural tint. As a rule, after cleaning the teeth look brighter on a 1-2 pitch. Air Flow is a natural bleaching, which in many cases allows to avoid more intensive and costly procedure.
  2. Security. A mixture of water, air and cleaning powder does not damage the enamel and surrounding tissue. Interference in the internal structure of the tooth occurs. Compared to other dental manipulations, the Air Flow has very few contraindications. Obstacles to its implementation is hypersensitivity of the teeth, asthma, and allergic to citrus (the procedure uses a natural lemon essence).
  3. Painless. During cleaning, the dentist directs the nozzle of the apparatus only on the hard tissue of the tooth, which have no sensitivity. The surface of the gums is not affected. Pain during the procedure, no Air Flow.
White teeth

The main abrasive ingredient in the method the Air Flow is regular soda, professional cleaning procedure never causes allergic reactions. This allows dental hygiene to achieve maximum results. As mentioned above, the apparatus of the "Air Flow" not only removes the plaque but also eliminates the dark spots on the enamel.

In this regard, the method of Air Flow is sometimes credited with whitening properties. In fact, the method of brushing your teeth brightens the enamel of the tooth, and only returns to her natural color, which is usually slightly yellowish or grayish. However, for many people, returning to their natural teeth colour is a quite sufficient result of teeth whitening, which is why the unit "Air Flow" can be positioned as a device for bleaching.