How to choose irrigator?

We all used to care for the oral cavity and teeth with a conventional toothbrush. But not always it copes with all the tasks that we would like to solve. We should also use dental floss, mouthwash, visit the dentist and treat a variety of diseases that arise due to inadequate dental care. But there is a tool that effectively solves all the above problems, the apparatus for teeth irrigator.

This device, which makes the cleaning of teeth and the entire oral cavity by spraying water under pressure. This device was invented relatively recently, but numerous experiments have shown that the Waterpik is the best tool for cleaning teeth today and perfectly replaces thread and all other means to care for teeth. The machine perfectly cleans teeth in hard to reach places massages the gums and cleans plaque and food debris, helps to prevent major diseases of the teeth and gums. All of the above not only improves the process of cleaning the teeth, but also will help make fewer visits to the medical specialist.


The history of such devices

This invention can be considered relatively new. It was first presented 60 years ago - in the early 1960-ies. Developing a tool engaged an experienced dentist from the USA in a small town in the West of the country. Concurrently, he was an engineer, so had the opportunity to combine your knowledge in both areas and apply them in practice. Since the device is tested many times over him, experiments conducted all sorts of research that proved the effectiveness and positive effect.

After a while irrigators to wash the teeth was produced not only in America but in other countries, including in Russia. A leader in this area is the American manufacturer Waterpik, which boasts not only a wide range of models with different functions, but also with a long warranty, quality materials, high build quality and durability. To assemble the device the company began in the last century and currently represents a wide range of models.

The advantages of apparatus for brushing teeth

This device is optimally suited for the removal of food debris in areas that cannot penetrate ordinary toothbrush:

  1. in different hard to reach areas;
  2. in the intervals between the teeth;
  3. under the constructions orthopedic type;
  4. under orthodontic device type.

the main advantage of the adaptations of the mouth – the possibility of thorough cleaning of the dentition from plaque and the gums are not injured (as often happens when using conventional brush). In addition, the fluid under pressure produces a gum massage effect, improves blood circulation process.

As for effectiveness of devices for cleaning teeth, it depends on proper application. To date, devices produced by many manufacturers, devices have a similar operating principle.

Irrigator – a device for cleaning teeth with water. Which one is better?

The choice of the apparatus must be approached responsibly, although some device may seem harmless and ineffective. If not used properly, the patient risks damaging the gums or teeth, so that each user must follow instructions by the manufacturer, and, if necessary, to implement the recommendations given by your doctor. When choosing a device you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Stationary or portable. Stationary devices have large dimensions and work offline so they are only intended for installation in one place without movement. Also in the kit you get interchangeable tips, which are not available in portable devices. This means that the use of a large family, including children. The portable device in turn has a small size, so you can take it with you or use in areas where there is no outlets. Replacement battery works for about 5-7 days and requires regular recharging.
  2. The number and types of replaceable nozzles. Depending on the price category, the set contains a different number of bits for devices of this type. When you select the device in advance to determine the purpose of buying, because they will depend on what nozzle you need. There are the standard nozzles that wash your teeth and help to maintain the oral hygiene. Also have various nozzles for special purposes. They can be intended for children, for the elderly, to care for braces, implants, crowns, etc. This criterion is very important.
  3. It is better to consider to buy models of well-known manufacturers that are leaders on the world market, such as Waterpik. Is the best manufacturer of these devices in the world with a long history and experience, which gives quality assurance of their products. Poor quality fakes can only hurt your health, while high-quality item will last a long time and will bring only benefits.

Buy oral irrigator toothbrush


Before the purchase of apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums, and other devices, I advise you to read and compare customer reviews on purchased models. Also on our website you can choose and compare various models of these devices in the catalog. The cost of this construction depends on its functionality and additional options, as well as from the status of a specific manufacturer. In our catalogue you can examine the cost of gadgets this type of Waterpik from different companies. To buy such a device it is possible for a few thousand rubles, while it will suffice for a long time, so to afford a quality instrument can each buyer, regardless of its level of material wealth.

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