Menu and contraindications white diet after teeth whitening

White diet after teeth whitening is an ideal option to maintain and consolidate the effect of treatment from a dentist for a longer period.

white diet

The enamel is inherently yellow, but at the present time fashionable sparkle toothed smiles, which are considered a sign of health. Artificially bleached teeth – a kind of decoration and indication of status together with reputation are of significant importance to many.

There are only three methods of whitening: Zoom Youtuel, Amazing White. But it is very important that after the treatment the effect lasted for as long as possible – to do this, follow the rules of a transparent diet.


Someone with the word "diet" immediately the Association is with weight loss, but this term carries a more direct meaning. Diet rules of eating a human or other living organism for different purposes:

  1. Weight loss.
  2. Recovery.
  3. Support for any intervention effects in the body or prepare the body for something.

Individual diets prescribed by dietitians depending on the patient's needs and preferences in food. But there is a diet with a specific set of products and rules of eating, all the same. Such diets belong to the types of recovery support or training of the body.

Why colorless, transparent diet?

The doctors who performed the procedure suggest the methods most proper and long-term support effect "Hollywood smile". Purpose following a special diet is to protect bleached enamel from food, which will affect their color with their dyes, especially in the early days, when the enamel is still very receptive to the adoption of a foreign hue.

Such products include:

prohibited products
  • strong hot drinks;
  • chocolate, wine, drinks and ice creams with the content of the dyes;
  • vegetables and sauces, is able to stain the enamel.

White diet contains in its menu that will not spoil the effect of bleaching. Also it includes a lot of products with protein and calcium positively affect the health and strengthen teeth.

Smoking also affects the color of the enamel before and after bleaching, so you should give up not only of coloring products, but also from nicotine.

Features white diet after teeth whitening

The first two days after the procedure is strictly forbidden to eat foods that can cause tooth discoloration.

Such a strict diet is adhered to only the first two days. Then 14 days allowed more simplified version in which you want to limit intake of foods from the list that could affect the new color of teeth. Allowed even an option drink through a straw, with the condition that he will not touch the teeth.

It is recommended to follow the rules to maintain a diet:

  • after eating brush teeth thoroughly using not only a toothbrush and toothpaste, and other designed to care for the oral cavity, means;
  • white teeth and Smoking – are incompatible;
  • to limit the use of cosmetics for lips.

Sometimes, after a while bleaching my teeth hurt. Then you should contact the doctor who performed the procedure. He will prescribe vitamins strengthen and give practical advice about this.

white teeth

Advantages and disadvantages

In a clear diet, like any other, has its pros and cons.

Among the benefits are the following:

  1. Preservation of acquired white in color teeth.
  2. The likelihood of weight loss during the period of the diet excluding fatty foods from the diet. But the emphasis is concentrated on the teeth and the color of the enamel.
  3. Eating healthy foods without chemicals and dyes.

Disadvantages are:

  1. The weakness of people in relation to food, not everyone can follow a strict diet.
  2. The lack of any trace elements in the body by reducing consumption of certain products.

But it is worth remembering that the white diet carries a important for the body elements that will not affect him negatively.


The first two days of use in food of these products is absolutely contraindicated:

  • tea and coffee, even with milk;
  • food and drinks that contain chocolate or cocoa;
  • drinks, ice creams, sauces and other dishes that contain natural or organic dyes;
  • dark wine;
  • fresh vegetables that can brighten teeth pigment.
permitted foods

Of alcoholic beverages is acceptable only white wine. Other units of such products is especially undesirable in the case of hypersensitivity and pain in the teeth after the procedure.

White diet is to limit unreliable for new white color enamel products, and also for eating nutritious and healthy food. With these simple rules and recommendations is in progress effect obtained by bleaching for 2 years.

Further questions

What can I eat after teeth whitening?

Milk and dairy products, pear, green or yellow apples (and other fruit, have no pigments), seafood and fish, vegetables like asparagus, cauliflower, celery, white meat – chicken, rabbit, cheese and yogurt without dyes, mushrooms, beans, products made with flour and walnuts.

What products can be after bleaching?

Coffee, tea, red wine, chocolate, juices, and fruit drinks with dyes, beets, carrots, blueberries, currants, dark grapes, cherries, sauces, spices and additives.