The whitening method Amazing White

Clients of dental clinics often argue among themselves on the effectiveness and safety of various methods of bleaching. A lot of people prefer modern amazing white way, arguing that it is safe and very effective. It is based on the use of led activator that allows you to maintain the enamel and dental health. Let's look at this method in more detail.

The method

teeth whitening

For those unfamiliar with modern professional methods of teeth whitening, is to explain what is amazing white.

This is another variant of chemical lighting. And he has several mandatory principles:

  • a chemical reagent does not affect the enamel and the layer underneath, revealing and making it lighter;
  • based lighting are acid-peroxide hydrogen, urea, and others;
  • procedure to lighten teeth a few shades at a time;
  • to reduce damage using active catalysts, accelerating the manifestation and reduce the acid effects on the oral cavity;
  • the result of the procedure is stored for several months.

Amazing white different from the classical methods of teeth whitening for three points:

  1. Instead of a laser or UV lamp use led radiation of a certain spectrum. Due to this, teeth are almost not damaged and the dentin is faster.
  2. The composition of these gels includes special tools that help to reduce harm the gums and nerves, reducing their sensitivity.
  3. The treatment intensity allows to lighten the oral cavity for 1 session – 45 minutes.

How is the procedure

Technology Amazing White involves preparing the patient for lighting and a number of necessary actions for rehabilitation.


  1. A few weeks before the procedure you must carry out a full inspection of the oral cavity. When presence of caries is to cure it.
  2. If you have old fillings, they need to pigmenting or replace, because lighting has no effect on the filling material.
  3. You need to treat the gums from inflammation and periodontal disease.
  4. A week before lighting to abandon acidic and excessively hot foods.

The procedure

On the day of the also need to follow a few rules. Before the procedure you need to:

  • to clean the teeth with a special professional toothpaste;
  • eat with possible staining, such as coffee, tea, tobacco, unfiltered juice, Cola and others;
  • rinse mouth with a special tool.

The procedure itself is quite simple:

  1. On the enamel with a special chemical mixture. Depending on the customer requirements to the illumination the concentration of peroxides may vary;
  2. The treated area is exposed to short UV radiation (up to 20 seconds) to form a special protective film;
  3. After that include the device amazing white, which evenly illuminate the cavity, changing the range during the procedure;
  4. All manipulations take no more than 45 minutes.

After the procedure

To the effect of the service was bright and long, after the procedure it is necessary to protect your enamel:

  1. The first day is not recommended to eat food that would stain the enamel.
  2. Dentists advise to apply a special protective gel, which will reduce the sensitivity of teeth.
  3. Within three days you should refrain from acidic and spicy foods.

On the fourth day, the result is, it is possible to judge its effectiveness and quality.

The advantages of the method

He is a better competitor for the following reasons:

  • due to the absence of the UV spectrum is less damaged enamel;
  • in the absence of temperature effects, it is impossible to get burns of the oral cavity;
  • the use of LEDs allows the use of less concentrated funds;
  • course lighting is one, maximum two procedures.

Besides whitening system white Amazing 30% cheaper simple bleaching and almost half the price of the UV lighting.

If you use the recommended remedies after the treatment period, reduced the risk of syndrome sensitive enamel. The lack of pigmentation of the tooth the result can be corrected with abrasive cleaning (e.g., ultrasonic), or repeat the procedure not earlier than 30 days after the first lighting.

Sorry for the way

how to whiten teeth

Like any other chemical bleaching Amazing white can be considered completely safe. The patient, who decided pigmenting your dentin this method, you may face few side effects:

  • the destruction of enamel under the influence of strong acids. The acceleration response reduces the damage, but not completely eliminate it;
  • the manifestation of infectious diseases of the oral cavity: hidden or in history;
  • burns of the gums and mucous membrane irritation;
  • damage to the nerves.

The last is especially dangerous. Coverage of the dentin is due to its ossification. This interferes with the elasticity of the tissue, which can lead to jamming of the tooth nerve.


Like any other cosmetic procedure, have the Amazing White has its contraindications:

  • caries;
  • mouth infection;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of crowns in the front row;
  • syndrome of hypersensitivity of enamel;
  • chipped teeth;
  • damage to the gums;
  • open wounds in the oral cavity;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the gel.

Today teeth whitening technology amazing white is one of the safest methods. The degree of impact on tooth enamel and gums, it is second only ultrasonic teeth cleaning with the use of AirFlow technology. But the performance is much overtaking the competition. The only drawback is the damage, which involves the use of such lighting no more than 1 every few years.